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Adult & Pediatric Urgent Care

At Epic Urgent & Family Care, we understand the importance of immediate attention and comprehensive medical services. 

Family Care

When it comes to the health and well-being of your entire family, we are your trusted healthcare provider, Click here to know more.

Hormonal Pellet Therapy

EPIC URGENT & FAMILY CARE is a Biote Certified Provider in PEARLAND, TX

Surgical Clearance, STI  Urine & Blood Testing

We offer various tests. and Please note the Prices may vary accordingly to insurance and Self-Pay

Wound care and Minor procedures.

At Epic Urgent & Family care, we pay immediate attention to the patient's wounds. Provide excellent care. Check our gallery to some of the wounds improvements.

Welcome to Epic Urgent & Family Care Clinic


Who are We?

We are pioneers of cutting-edge, innovative medical solutions to treat symptoms of chronic diseases, and we provide solutions for them.

Tailored Treatment, Testing & Consultation 

We tailor each testing, treatment, and consultation to the individual's specific situation to maximize results and produce the most effective solutions for leading a healthier, more vibrant life.

Our Values

At EPIC URGENT & FAMILY CARE CLINIC, we do everything with pride and respect, which is a value we adhere to with no exceptions.

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